About us

Who are Pro Pixels? 

Pro Pixels are a specialised team who strive to help businesses and companies grow, whether that be in a physical form or on a specific social media platform such as Instagram. We are here to help you! 

Whether you're looking for a new platform to sell your products on or simply just trying to increase your social media presence, we can help with it all. We create custom and specific plans to ensure you get to where you want to be, where you should be and where you will be! 

Pro Pixels is run by Connah Evans. Connah has been operating in social media and marketing development for over 7 years helping individuals and their businesses grow to a level clients only dream of. 

Pro Pixels TEAM



"Pro Pixels is a company that I am proud to run. From being able to help businesses who are just starting out, to increasing sales margins for companies who have been in their field for years. We love to watch them all grow using a development we design locally. A well as running the company I help clients with social media development, marketing development and drone shoots. I also work with businesses on their team building and confidence training in a group or individual sessions online or in person."



"My role at Pro Pixels is to offer advice to clients who may need assistance in the more aesthetic side of their business. I dedicate time to ensure businesses are using their social media platforms to their utmost potential as well as offering photography services, marketing design and promotions/advertisement advice. Myself and the Pro Pixels team take pride in our work to offer the best service for you and your business."