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Launched in 2021, Izakaya Lounge, of Pepper Street, Chester brings forth the expansive flavours of Pan-Asian Cuisine, offering dishes designed to be eaten socially in small or sharing plates including favourites such as sushi, dim sum and tempura. Premium in look and feel, yet accessible and intimate enough to allow warmth to all visitors, Izakaya Lounge has become a real asset to the streets of Chester. We worked with Izakaya Lounge in a combination of ways, through extensive research and creative design, content creation and full social media management, we helped to scale the business to the point of booking up tables, before they had even opened their doors!


At the end of 2020, we were approached by a business named ‘IZAKAYA LOUNGE’ seeking help in building their brand, as well as deal with their digital marketing strategy. From the initial branding to the logo and menu designs, everything was done in house. The bespoke digital drawings within the cocktail menu are hand-drawn and therefore completely unique, giving the Izakaya brand its own identity to stand out from the rest, and be 1 of 1.We also built their socials from the ground up, including their website, ensuring all platforms work seamlessly together, ensuring a smooth transition between them.

A custom Ad-Campaign was set up to aid in building brand awareness, as well as using techniques to enhance organic growth, building their following to over 3000 before their launch night. We have now successfully launched Izakaya Lounge and is fully booked almost every night.

We also built the socials from the ground up including the website, making sure all platforms work seamlessly together to ensure a smooth transition between them. A custom ad campaign to promote brand awareness was set up as well as using organic growth to grow awareness and build their socials to a following of over 3000 before the launch night.

We have now successfully launched Izakaya and is fully booked almost every night.

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