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Anglesey Homes began their first housing development within the areas of Anglesey in 2018. Flash forward to 2021, they are now working with local property owners, developers, and letting agents to bring new, and exciting houses, holiday homes and apartments to the island. Creating outstanding quality homes, from conversion to new builds, their properties are as unique as they are beautiful to match the landscapes in which they sit.


Initially, we began our time working together by increasing sales through social media management and content creation, resulting in all units apart from 1, being sold in just 8 months! Overwhelmed by these results, we then moved onto a combination of content creation, social media management, and full Facebook and advertising. Anglesey Homes and ProPixels have a long and positive relationship, with campaigns always being built and scaled at ProPixels marketing, consistently delivering leads that sell their bespoke units promptly, and of course, increasing their brand awareness.


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